Welcome to Take 2 Post. We provide sensible, practical workflows that speed up your production and allow you to focus on the creative decisions. From multi-camera RAW feature films through to single camera TV dramas, we have years of experience dealing with all of the major camera formats and workflows.

Back it all up with great service and support and all the experience that comes from being a major rental house and you will see the benefits we can make to your production.

Workflow Supervision

The last five years has seen the divide between production and post-production narrow. Budgets are shrinking along with the amount of time allotted to principle photography. Add this to the ever changing camera systems and vast amounts of data that a modern production generates and it has never been more important to have a properly implemented and tested workflow.

At Take 2 Post, we are in a unique position in that we have all of the major camera systems in house. We have close working relationships with ARRI, Codex, RED, Sony, Filmlight, Colorfront, Assimilate and Storage DNA that enable us to be at the forefront of all the latest camera and post developments.

We design each workflow specifically for the job in question and then test each stage in-house to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises. Whether you need on-set, near-set or a traditional lab approach, each workflow is designed to be simple, repeatable and cost-effective, whilst ensuring the maximum image quality and creative control.

Look Creation

We have a full in-house grading suite designed for DOP's who want to critically evaluate footage or establish looks prior to the start of principal photography. Monitoring is done using a Penta 55" Grade 1 monitor and we have full monitor and LUT profiling as well as LUT creation courtesy of Lightspace CMS. We have direct tie-ins to each of our test rooms so cameras, lenses and filters can be viewed live in the grading suite.

Digital Lab

The digital lab is where all of your footage is processed and stored. We have years of experience handling, processing and archiving camera masters and can guarantee the safety, security and integrity of your data.

By using the latest technology we are able to quickly and efficiently ingest, log, process and archive your footage to a wide variety of formats. We can securely deliver graded files with sync sound for dailies and editorial via the cloud or using more traditional methods along with DPX pulls for VFX, Online and DI. We are able to offer a full conform service using Autodesk Smoke or can provide trimmed shot pulls directly to your DI house of choice.

We provide long term archiving options using both LTO5 and 6, in either LTFS or TAR format. We are also one of the few digital labs that can conform directly from LTO, saving you both time and money.

We can provide lab configurations for on-set, near-set or at our own facility in Park Royal, West London.