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Take 2 Becomes the First CarbonNeutral® Film and TV Hire Facility in Europe

March 07, 2018


London, UK – March 7, 2018
: Take 2 ( leading supplier of professional digital and motion picture equipment within the film and TV industry, announced today that they have achieved CarbonNeutral® company certification.

To achieve CarbonNeutralstatus, Take 2 is working with Natural Capital Partners, experts in the delivery of solutions for positive impact on carbon, renewable energy, biodiversity and water. Take 2 has achieved net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol, the global standard for carbon neutral programmes. This involved a rigorous and independent assessment of the CO2 emissions produced from gas, company vehicles, electricity, electricity losses, water supply, water treatment, business travel, business hotels, waste, staff commuting and 3rd party deliverables, coupled with an offset-inclusive emissions reduction program.

As part of its commitment to offset its carbon footprint, Take 2 is supporting the West India Wind Power project which is located across three districts in India – Jaisalmer, Rajkot and Surendranagar. This Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) wind power project plays a key role in helping India meet its growing energy demands while supporting the transition to a low carbon economy. The project consists of 242 turbines, each with a capacity of 800kW. Annually the project delivers approximately 375,000 MWh of zero emissions renewable electricity to India’s national grid, reducing CO2 emissions by displacing electricity which would have otherwise been drawn primarily from fossil fuel power stations. This improves local air quality while avoiding solid waste generation associated with coal-fired power plants.

“As a forward-thinking company, we see it as our responsibility to neutralise our impact on the environment by taking the necessary steps to offset our carbon footprint and achieve CarbonNeutral status,” said John Brennan, Group CEO, of Procam Group. “We are proud to be the first hire facilities to take the lead in being part of the solution and will continue to work with experts to determine and further implement best practices on a much larger scale. I sincerely hope others in the industry will join us by making the same commitment.”

Take 2 is also a member of BAFTA’s sustainability initiative, albert. Through this partnership, Take 2 has reduced its carbon footprint through the purchase of Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin from the UK through Good Energy, which guarantee that 100% renewable electricity has been sourced in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 emissions reporting guidance, set out by the World Resources Institute. Take 2 aims to abide to guidelines set by albert and has implemented company-wide initiatives across its office in London to reduce its carbon footprint. 

Operational practices at Take 2 include driver eco-awareness training and regular servicing of vehicles to help keep emissions and fuel use as low as possible. The entire delivery vehicle fleet was upgraded from EU5 engines to EU6 models, which offer significantly lower carbon and particulate emissions, as well as an anticipated 10% reduction in fuel consumption. The energy efficiency of the entire fleet is further monitored via stop-start technology and real-time vehicle tracking. A stringent purchasing policy also ensures that all equipment is purchased from reputable manufacturers that follow sound sustainability policies and suppliers are required to provide information relating to the measurement of energy ratings and efficiency of their equipment. This commitment includes the purchase of lead-free broadcast equipment, LED technology and software programmes that ensure the efficient operation of equipment. A whole-life cost approach is taken when selecting equipment, minimising environmental impact, as well as cost.


About Take 2 (
Take 2 is a leading supplier of professional digital and motion picture equipment within the Film and TV industry. Since its inception in 1999, Take 2 has serviced a wide variety of high profile award-winning productions, including feature films, dramas, commercials and pop promos. With a huge wealth of technical knowledge and industry experience, Take 2 is able to offer expert advice and support throughout the entire production process. In addition to its camera division, Take 2 also encompasses an extensive grip, crane and remote head facility. 

About Natural Capital Partners (
Natural Capital Partners is a world-leading provider of innovative solutions for positive impact on the world’s natural capital. With more than 300 clients in 34 countries, Natural Capital Partners delivers high-quality solutions for carbon emissions measurement and reductions, renewable energy, water stewardship, building supply chain resilience and protecting biodiversity.


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