Aurora LT

The Aurora sets new standards for ease of use, versatility and functionality. A pan and tilt camera control solution built to withstand the arctic. It’s perfect for your production demands.

The head has been designed in consultation with leading grips and camera operators to provide a cutting-edge solution to the demands of modern film making with HD cameras such as the Arri Alexa, Red Epic, Panavision Genesis and the Sony F65.

The Aurora takes only minutes to set up as the system uses just one cable between the console and the head. The controls are intuitive and easy to use – minimising time on set familiarising yourself with the unit.

Cable management is fluid, with large holes in the centre of the motors to pass cables through, enabling full 360° moves without the threat of tangling or severing.

The Aurora has user-changeable pan and tilt gearboxes to minimise downtime and spare stock.

Although compact and lightweight, the Aurora LT has been designed to take full size camera packages and is easily expanded for larger cameras.

It can also be made extremely compact, to get the camera into awkward space ensuring superb flexibility for every shoot.

  • Pan/Tilt Speed 120 deg/sec
  • Pan/Tilt speed and damping adjustable via rotary knobs on the control console
  • Pan and Tilt Direction set via switches for direction and neutral
  • Hand wheel or optional joystick/pan and tilt operation
  • Easily set limits and feathering for limits
Head Weight 16kg (35lb)
Maximum Payload 35kg (70lb)
Pan & Tilt Speed 120°/sec