ARRIFLEX 435 Xtreme

Since the ARRIFLEX 435 first saw the light of day in 1995 it has become the workhorse of the film industry, the golden standard for 35 mm MOS camera work to be found on sets all over the world. ARRI has continuously updated the camera, culminating in the 435 Xtreme.

Available with either 4 or 3 perforation movement, the 435 Xtreme combines the features of the 435 ES, 435 Advanced and the Function Expansion Module (FEM-2) in one package, resulting in the most flexible camera for MOS work. The electronics for lens motors have been integrated, and the camera side radio modem (URM) for wireless lens and camera control has its own place reserved, giving the camera the smallest envelope possible.

Combining robust construction with a super steady movement, high speed and special in-camera effects, the ARRIFLEX 435 Xtreme is the most versatile MOS camera ever built. It is ideal for features, commercials, music videos, Steadicam or special effects work alike.

The 435 Xtreme is ideal for features, commercials, music videos, Steadicam, special effects or motion control work.

  • Arriflex 435 XTreme Camera Body
  • Arriflex 435 Colour Video Assist IVS-2
  • 3 x 400' Magazines
  • Arriflex Viewfinder System
  • Arriflex Extension Viewfinder FE-3
  • Arriflex Eyepiece Leveler
  • Arri Frameglow Module
  • Remote Control Unit RCU-1 with Long and Short Cables
  • Heated Eyepiece
  • Arriflex Work Light
  • Arri BP-8 Bridge Plate
  • 24V Battery Compliment
  • 3 or 4 perf movement
  • Forward & Reverse speed 0.1-150fps
  • In Shot Variable Shutter 11.2-180 degrees
  • Slow ramp up for Steadicam & Cranes
  • Speed Ramps, Depth of Field Ramps and Timing Shift Ramps
  • MOS Camera
  • Motion Control Interface
  • ARRIMOTION Stop & Go Motion, Frame Accurate Ramps
  • Integrated Modular Wireless Radio
  • Integrated Lens Motor Electronics
  • Contacts for LDS lenses
  • Faster & Smoother Ramps