Recordable Systems


  • QTAKE HD Playback System

    QTAKE HD runs on Mac OS X using latest software and hardware technology available from Apple, Inc. It uses QuickTime-based movie files so you can share your media across QuickTime compatible applications, such as Final Cut Pro. QTAKE HD uses video hardware from AJA and Matrox to capture Stadard or High Definition video, audio and timecode information. Each clip is captured to a high speed media storage and can be retrieved instantly for playback, editing or compositing. Using extensive meta-data, QTAKE HD improves project workflow far beyond regular video assist. By utilizing the GPU power of modern advanced graphics cards, QTAKE HD is able to perform intensive image processing in realtime. This includes live composite with realtime keying capabilities.

  • Sound Devices PIX 240 / 240i Player / Recorder


  • 9" HDVR Combi Unit

    Enables Mix & Overlay between live and recorded image, also simulates multiple frame rates up 300fps. Battery & Mains Operated

  • 9" Sony DV Combi

    Battery & Mains Operated

  • Sony HDV Watchman/ Clamshell