Package Includes:

  • Studio Baseplate Including Support Bars
  • Extension Viewfinder Bracket
  • Choice of SxS cards, C-fast cards or CODEX XR/SXR Mags
  • Thunderbolt/USB 3.0/SAS Card Reader
  • Lens Data System
  • Integrated WLCS Modem
  • Ethernet cable for remote control
  • 6 x24v HP Hawkwood On-Board Batteries
  • 2 x 24V Xboxx Block Batteries


Weight 8.4kg
Body Dimensions L 33.1cm x W 18.9cm x H15.8cm
Operating Temps -20°C to 45˚C (8%-80% relative Humidity)
Sensor Specs OPEN GATE
Sensor Type 35 Format Alev III CMOS
Pixel Count 3424 X 2202
Base ISO 800
Latitude 14 stops
Frame Rate 0.75-120fps in 16:9 Mode
0.75-96fps in 6:5 Mode
0.75-96fps in 4:3 Mode
0.75-90fps Open Gate3.4k Mode
Recording Formats ProRes
Uncompressed HD-SDI Via Record Outputs